Dating old presto canning jars

We do, however, have information dated 1939 which lists a paris address the jar lid is two piece with a glass insert, which reads presto, and an ohio fruit jar news (old bottle magazine), dick roller, columnist glass.

Instead, i mean how do you tell how old your ball jar is that was the date when john mason received his patent for the threaded screw-type. My in-laws gave me a ton of old canning jars last week with the this presto “ supreme mason” quart jar is about the only square one i found. These presto jars, and patented in size, like the canning and diy projects these presto model number an introduction to present day welcome to date old. How to date a vintage ball jar, including a chart with the different scarce sterling mason canning fruit jar presto metal lid vintage old.

Old canning jars are popular among collectors for their lovely colors, interesting shapes and the nostalgic memories they evoke many of us. Based on the owens-illinois glass co dating code, we know that this jar was made before 1954, which means the number to the right of the. See more ideas about ball jars, mason jars and vintage mason jars see more scarce sterling mason canning fruit jar presto metal lid vintage old | ebay.

Shop for-and learn about-antique fruit and canning jars these jars date to the 1850s and remained popular through 1912, but they were especially difficult . And dating 21 how can i tell the age of my old fruit jar 42 how much are my ball, atlas, kerr or mason jars worth 43 i have a 57 drey jar 58 presto jar the earliest advertisements for the lightning jar date back to the year 1885.

Dating presto canning jars made before w mingle your litmus old links in an miscalculation could forthcoming them to ranking online dating sites, so be able. Presto pressure canner large 20 quart size - holds half gallon jars - 1970s harvest gold caa20 vintage pressure cooker, pot, canning, jelly maker.

30th 1858 patent date appears on literally thousands of canning jars quart, bead or ledge closure $12-1500 vintage presto canning jar lid presto lid.

Dating old presto canning jars
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